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"Here, there is only one goal, and that one goal is to bring the best 

out of your audience. Give the show a great start and charm your audience with entertainment, from start to finish, and give a finale that leaves the clients with big smiles. And thats how we do it, as a Singapore Emcee.

Bernard J Solosa 

is a presenter and host for 8 years

Emcee of the recent 28th SEA GAMES to Singapore Excellence Design Awards, working with clients such as BMW, Mediacorp, The Esplanade and Virtual Hybrid Emcee & Events Host for Singapore Techologies for Tunnelfox 2021.

Emcee Bernard engages the audience with his exuberance, wit and charm. His success as a top choice host is evident from his varied base of clients that include multinationals companies, events for dignitaries, MPs, CEOs & VIP's, The Esplanade, Music Festivals and shows overseas.

Partnering with the best of the Virtual Studios and Event Companies, consistency and dedication is the key to being a Top Singapore Emcee and a Regional Host. Be it a Virtual Hybrid Event or Real - Time as a Conference Emcee, Virtual Host, Wedding, D&d Emcee or for a Regional Gala Dinner, it's Passion that matters, to drive the event through, and well.

Virtual Events
Virtual Events

Virtual Events

Brand Launches
Brand Launches

"Welcome to my world. Virtual Events & Real-Time, Captivating the audience means everything."


This year leading to 2021,  brings a brand new list of clients for Virtual Events as well as Brand Sponsorships from Singapore Technologies to Singapore Sports Hub!

          Official Presenter/Host & VO - BMW at Singapore Motorshow 

Some of our fantastic clients

Singapore Top Emcee

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Emcee Bernard J Solosa